Blood Donation & Blood Challenge
Background & Purpose:  In partnership with the Global Network for Blood Donation (GNBD) and collaboration with other Districts, the Rotary District 5790 Blood Challenge aims to facilitate an engaged effort to bring timely and well-organized blood donation efforts along with a focused message outlining the role of Rotary in these efforts globally.  The local and global need for blood has continued to evolve with medical technology advances, population changes, and competitive market forces – it is critical that we as Rotarians are educated supporters of the blood banking partnerships in line with the values and goals set forth by Rotary.  In light of this, the efforts for District 5790 in 2015-2016 will be to simplify and redefine our message regarding blood donation for our club leaders and members so that they are able to effectively participate in ways that are both easy to incorporate into club programming and also consistent with the needs of the communities we serve.
Objectives for 2015-2016:
  • Create an active yet consistent message for District 5790 in partnership with GNBD that can be easily articulated
  • Work with Governor Secord to establish leadership throughout the District and share the focused message of Rotary’s role in blood donation and related health initiatives and their impact on our communities.
  • Design a consistent medium for sharing this message in bite-sized pieces which will foster awareness at the club level which is focused on various aspects of the effort in blood donation
  • Replace newsletter with a brief but creative weekly ‘blast’ that may be shared via social media, Rotary Minute, etc.
  • Focus on engagement with the blood banking community and partnership for blood supply and the evolving needs to be discussed.  To this end, identify and/or fill positions for 5-6 regional co-chairs as correspondents with blood banking partners.
  • Help clubs to identify a Blood Drive Chair within each club and educate them on the needs and importance of planning and strategy in blood donation, ie. Define needs, timeline and purpose of Governors’ Challenge, etc.
  • Leverage resources from blood banking partners that will be used to stimulate and promote a friendly/comical competitive challenge between Districts (including Dallas and Houston metro areas) and market accordingly to the defined messaging.
the sun is coming up - they are starting to disappear
better hurry with that Blood Drive
John M. Pardue
Rotary District 5790
Blood Drive Chair
(817) 600-3635