Extending Rotary's Reach

Extending Rotary's reach into communities where Rotary clubs are not currently located is the goal of every district membership team. Every community has a different culture, different needs and a unique set of community members with interest in serving those needs. So, it is only fitting that district membership teams identify growing communities where a Rotary club can be established to join those community leaders, to exchange ideas and take action.

Rotary has three different options for starting new clubs:

  1. Traditional Option - Wherein a Rotary Club and a few its members agree to sponsor a new club in a neighboring community or area. They gather interested community members to promote the establishment of a Rotary Club. Rotary has developed a 9 step Quick Start Guide for Rotary members that are interested in starting a new club. Clubs that choose the traditional method will start with a minimum of 20 regularly attending members as a provisional club under the guidance of a District Governor appointed Rotarian new club adviser. When the provisional club has achieved its start-up plan including organization, administration, bi-laws etc. and has achieved its membership objectives it will submit a Club Charter application.
  2. An e-club Option - An e-club requires at least 20 Chartering members and a functioning Club Website that includes:
  •  Private section for members only
  •  System for paying club member dues, contributions, and other fees
  •  URL that reflects the club’s name
  •  Text and visuals consistent with Rotary’s voice and visual identity guidelines.
  •  Clear instructions for how to use the site to get makeup meeting credit
  1. A Satellite Club - A Satellite Club can be established with as few as 8 active members. A Satellite Club functions as a club within a club because its members are also members of the sponsoring club. However, the satellite club operates independently with its own by-laws, dues structure, club organization, meetings, projects and goals. A satellite club is established with the full intention of eventually becoming a full Rotary Club. Start-up requirements include:
  • A Sponsoring Club
  • At least 8 regularly attending members
  • A completed Satellite Club application form

District Chair - Andy Eads   andy.eads@dentoncounty.com