Membership Tools for Rotary Clubs
Anyone that has ever grown a garden or worked on a farm knows that growing plants is hard work. You need to plan your garden, purchase the seeds and seedlings, get the gardening tools, till the soil, plant, apply fertilizer, irrigate and cultivate the soil and gently care for the plants as they grow and blossom or produce fruit. Those same principals apply when Growing Rotary.
Membership Committee leads a membership Plan
Club Leadership complete the Club Health Survey to determine the areas of need in your club
Evaluate Club Culture
Develop a 3 year Plan for Growth
Consider options such as Satellite Clubs or sponsoring a new club
Engage Membership in Growing
Develop a fun club meeting using the Rotary Prospective Member Exercise
Recognize the Member Engagement
Celebrate the Harvest
Enhance your Public Image with a plan to celebrate success using press releases, your website and social media
Grow Rotary! Grow Engagement! Grow Impact!