The recent Rotary Leadership Institute Parts 1 & 2 seminars held on Saturday October 7 were an overwhelming success. The participants had much praise for the event organization and the quality of both the materials and the speakers.
Members of the RLI Part 1 course receiving their certificates at the end of the afternoon. The seminar was an interactive event with a focus on Rotary, Ethics and Vocational Service, the Rotary Foundation, Engaging Members, and Creating Service Projects.
Members of the RLI Part 2 course also received their certificates at the end of the afternoon. Their seminar was also an interactive event with a focus on Attracting Members, Effective Leadership Strategies, Rotary Opportunities, Club Communication, Rotary Foundation, and Team Building.
RLI Lonestar Training
The Lonestar Rotary Leadership Institute series of seminars are aimed at Rotaractors and Rotarians interested in developing their Rotary participation and their potential for club leadership. The seminars are very interactive and participants are encouraged to work in groups to address questions and challenges set out by the facilitators.
The facilitators did a great job of mixing their information with interactive exercises where each table worked as a group to develop answers and suggestions to the challenges posed to them.
Each facilitator covered a different topic for RLI Parts 1 and 2 courses:
FacilitatorRLI 1RLI 2
GaylaMy Leadership in RotaryAttracting Members
KurtMy Rotary WorldEffective Leadeship Strategies
LannieEthics and Vocational ServiceRotary Opportunities
PaulFoundation I : Our FoundationClub Commuication
BruceEngaging membersFoundation II: Targeted Service
BarryCreating Service ProjectsTeam Building
A special thanks also goes to Sharron Miles and the many Rotarians who make these events possible.
For further information RLI courses please refer to the LoneStar RLI pages.