Rotary District 5790
Vocational Excellence Awards

Volume 1 | Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of our monthly Vocational Excellence Awards Announcements! See the latest announcements by District 5790 Rotary Clubs that have recognized the outstanding police officers, firemen, paramedics and teachers in their communities.

About the District 5790 Vocational Excellence Awards Initiative

About the Rotary International District 5790 Honoring Those Who Serve Vocational Initiative.
Rotary Clubs throughout District 5790 are recognizing the vocations of our Communities first responders and teachers on a quarterly basis. According to District 5790 Vocational Award Recognition. Chair Eddie Salame, during each quarter of the 2016/17 Rotary year district clubs will recognize a police officer, firefighter, paramedic and a teacher. Depending on club, recognition will be done in the same month of the quarter or they can be spread out throughout the quarter. In other words, clubs can recognize a teacher the first month of the quarter, a firefighter/paramedic the second month and a police officer on the third month. Or clubs may also recognize all three professionals in the same month.
During the month of March 2017, all clubs will review all the recipients that were recognized by their club. One of the winners from each category is to be submitted for District wide recognition. By April 1st each club in the district will submit the name of one teacher, one firefighter/paramedic and one police officer from the club, along with the write-up  used  to select that  person.
The district committee will review all the candidates submitted and select one person from each category to be invited to the district conference for recognition. Clubs will be notified if a person from their club has been selected.
Grapevine Rotary Club honors Grapevine Firefighter, Morris Leondar with a Vocational Excellence Award
Morris has been an outstanding member of the Grapevine Fire Department for over 22 years. During this time he has helped establish and contributed too many of the programs that we continue today.
HEB Rotary Club Awards their 1st Vocational Excellence Award of the Year
Congratulations Cale Smith of the Euless Police Department.
Cale came to work for the Euless Police Department in 2002. He completed his field training and was assigned to the Patrol Division. While he was assigned to the Patrol Division he tested and was awarded Senior Officer status. Cale went on to apply and be accepted for an assignment to the Tactical Team where he served for several years.
Lewisville Morning Rotary Club awards their 1st Vocational Excellence Award of the Year 
This year the Lewisville Morning Rotary Club is Honoring the Vocations of those who Serve. Throughout every quarter for the next year we will be honoring a someone from the Lewisville Police Department. a LFD Fireman, a LFD Paramedic and a LISD Educator. At our August 25th meeting we honored Captain Jesse Hunter of the Lewisville Police Department. 
Jesse Hunter – Captain
Jesse assumes the position of Patrol Captain after serving 6 years as a Sergeant in Patrol and the Special Operations Unit.
Vocational Award of the Year
Clubs are asked to send the following information to Allison Patterson, to have their clubs and honorees recognized for their service.
Please email a short bio, or a copy of the vocational excellence award application and a picture to Allison. 
These stories and recognition will be published monthly to honor these Firefighters, Police Officers and Teachers in our district.
If you have posted a Vocational Excellence Award to your newletter or club's website, simply email Allison the link.