Mira Vista Country Club
6600 Mira Vista Blvd
Fort Worth, TX  76132
United States of America
Hey all this is a big deal, the FTW Southwest Rotary Club has the honor of hosting Rebecca Tanka from the Rotary International headquarters this week on Thursday, please distribute to all your club members, this year so far our District has contributed more then 1.2 Million Dollars to the Rotary Foundation.
This is how you and your club receive Grants, this money goes to the Rotary Foundation, in 3 or so years much of this money comes back to your club and our District in the form of Matching Grants.
Please be at this Lunch on Thursday, see details below


Subject line:  Special presentation on planned giving to The Rotary Foundation, Fort Worth, May 23/ please RSVP to Call or text Claire Olson at 682-888-3099 or email her at clairegolson@att.net  Cost for the meal is     $18.00        Pay at door

Rotary Club members in District 5790 are invited to a special presentation on planned giving to the Rotary Foundation on May 23:

Making the Most of Your Bequest

Rebecca Tanaka, Planned Giving Officer, The Rotary Foundation

May 23, 2019

Planning and securing the future of individual lives and Rotary clubs are both sensitive and complex, but unless we’re okay with our treasures and estates going somewhere we’d rather they didn’t, it’s an important issue to think about. What will our legacies be? How can we support our clubs after we’re gone?

Rebecca Tanaka, Planned Giving Officer at The Rotary Foundation, will speak at the Fort Worth Southwest Rotary Club meeting on Thursday, May 23. She will share strategies and examples of ways to make future gifts that will benefit both Rotary Foundation programs and individual clubs. Guests from other clubs are welcome to attend.

Meeting details

12 noon to 1:30 pm      May 23, 2019

Mira Vista Country Club

6600 Mira Vista Blvd

Fort Worth, TX 76132


PLEASE RSVP SO WE CAN PLAN THE NUMBER OF LUNCHES: Call or text Claire Olson at 682-888-3099 or email her at clairegolson@att.net

  Rebecca Tanaka, Planned Giving Officer


Rebecca Tanaka is a Planned Giving Officer for The Rotary Foundation in Evanston, IL. She serves Zones 21B, 30 and 31 by assisting Rotarians in achieving their philanthropic dreams with future gifts to the endowment such as gifts that pay Rotarians income for life, donor advised funds, bequests and named endowed funds. She is also a Rotarian with the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Rotary Club in District 6440 where she currently serves as the Sergeant at Arms.

Being a Rotarian, Rebecca has a unique understanding of how to creatively assist other members in achieving their giving and recognition objectives and in helping their clubs, too. She has worked in planned giving since 2013 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Rotary. She previously developed planned giving programs for two human service organizations, conducted executive and team training for large US corporations, and taught at universities in the United States, Japan, and Finland. She also worked with the Washington Public Ports Association on state legislative issues in Washington State and Washington, D.C.

Rebecca holds a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Western Washington University, where she received the Outstanding Political Science Award.