District 5790 Community Program e-Club
District 5790 Community Program e-Club    
Community Program e-Club Interest Survey
2018-2019 District Governor Gerald Robinson has appointed a team of district Rotary members to provide the leadership necessary to start an e-club Rotary in District 5790. The initial team consists of Team Champion, John Dodge, District 5790 Membership Extension Team Captain Jim Engelbrecht and Training/Technology Team Captain John Pokorny. The steps for starting an e-club is much like starting any new Rotary club; Identify the locality, find supporters and get organized, prepare and implement a communication plan, hold informational meetings, recruit charter members, hold organizational meetings, when at least 20 charter members are identified, submit New Club Application form to RI, celebrate the charter and continue to develop the new club. Of course, the major difference in starting an e-club is geography. Leastwise, the lack of a specific geographical area from which prospective community members are identified and encouraged to participate. Our vision is to charter an e-club in which members are from throughout District 5790. Our first organizational meeting was December 10, 2018. At that meeting, we agreed that the initial way will find supporters and potential charter members is through an interest survey that will be sent to Rotary alumni, former Rotary members and community members that clubs have not joined Rotary because of their time or work schedule. Another advantage e-clubs have is cost of membership. Given that e-clubs do not deal with the cost of membership does not include venue costs, meals etc, the cost of membership will be significantly less than the standard model. The charter club leadership will determine the actual cost of dues based on RI & District dues, cost of technology and club training costs. 
If you would like more information about joining the District 5790 Community Service e-Club, please complete the Expression of Interest Survey by clicking here.


Rotary e-clubs are a lot like other Rotary clubs: they meet weekly, carry out service projects, support The Rotary Foundation, and socialize with each other. So what’s different about e-clubs? You join your meeting online when it’s convenient for you, day or night, any day of the week.


E-club members use webinars, videoconferencing, message boards, instant messaging, or tools like Skype and Google Hangout to communicate. For example, a club member might post content online for that week’s meeting, then other members join the discussion throughout the week. Some e-club members also meet in person at service projects, social activities or the RI Convention. In fact, e-Club participants are highly encouraged to participate in service projects near where they live. So much so that District 5790 will be supporting the new e-club with district wide schedules of service projects being done by the 71 geographically based clubs.


Members can be from anywhere in the world. Some e-clubs focus their membership in a particular region or community.

An e-club could be right for you if you:

  • Have a busy schedule and need a flexible meeting time
  • Live in different places throughout the year
  • Travel frequently
  • Have limited mobility
  • Live in an area without a nearby Rotary club
Community Service e-Club Interest Survey

Become a Charter Member or Friend of our E-Club

Being a Member of Rotary International allows you to ‘Make A Difference in the World’. Join 1.3 million other like minded individuals and change people’s lives.

Being a Friend of our Rotary E-Club allows you to stay in touch with news and events. You can elect to receive Newsletters, email updates etc.

Membership Overview
The purpose of the Community Service Rotary E-Club in District 5790, is to extend Rotary to business, professional and community leaders who are unable to participate in a traditional community based Rotary Club.

Inability to attend a traditional Rotary Club could be the result of demanding business or professional commitments, extensive travel, confinement due to ill health or disability, or residence beyond reasonable distance from an existing Rotary Club.

To be a member of the Community Service E-Club in District 5790 means:
  • You live or do business in ANY Rotary District in any country of the Rotary world.
  • Your current circumstances are such that it is not possible to meet attendance requirements of a traditional Rotary Club.
  • You are a contributor to society in your profession, occupation, industry, business, or community role.
  • You are committed to the personal ethic of Service Above Self, The Four-Way Test and support the Object of Rotary

You can be part of Rotary International by completing the on-line Expression of Interest Survey Form. Members of our District 5790 Community Service e-Club start-up team will contact you.

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Page Stories
Why is a Rotary e-club important for me?
As I reflect on my years as a Rotarian, I think of the reasons why my contribution as a Rotarian have been so viable. My answer is always the same: human resources are key. My contribution to Rotary depends on connecting people with passion to improve the quality of life of the communities we work with. I have met wonderful Rotarians throughout my visits to other countries, particularly during my work travel.
Grapevine Rotary invites fellow District 5790 Rotarians to join the third annual Rotary Wheelchairs to Cuba trip January 13-18.  Cost for the tour is $2,650 plus airfare, which is half of what most tour companies are charging.  The tour guide will be former Rotary Scholar Dr. Graham Sowa who received his M.D. at the University of Havana last year.  Accommodations will be at the renowned Hotel Nationale and bus provided by Experience Cuba LLC.   An itinerary is attached of daily activities for your review.   The tour group total will be capped at 20 Rotarians and guests.   Additional participants will be added on a first come-first serve basis until full. 
Please contact Rotarian Bruce Stacy at cell 337-296-5475 for details. Click here for more information.

Janice C. Kane
2018-2019 President
Page News
Last November, Governor Gerald Robinson announced two e-club initiatives for District 5790. The intent of these initiatives is to allow the formation of two e-clubs in District 5790. One e-club will focus on former youth program participants and the other e-club will focus on community programs. Both are intended to provide a Rotary service vehicle for those whose travel and business commitments inhibit participation in one of the 71 community based Rotary clubs in our district.
The District Governor and the Guatemala Service Project team are hard at work planning a fantastic year end service project that will change lives in the country of Guatemala. We are seeking 150 Rotarians, family members, friends, and service oriented individuals to join us. 
We already have over 100 people who have responded to the survey and expressed interest in joining us next year in Guatemala!  This is going to be a fantastic trip and we hope you can join us.  We have been working hard to keep the total cost down to around $1,000 per person.
An email covering final pricing and instructions for making your $100 deposit to secure your slot on the trip will be sent out within the next week or so to everyone who has expressed an interest in joining us on the trip.   If you are interested in more information, please complete the survey so we can notify you of important updates and how to secure your spot on the trip.   Survey link: http://bit.ly/5790-gua-trip
A presentation about the service trip and objectives can be found here. http://bit.ly/gua-svc-2
Frequently asked questions about Guatemala and Antigua can be found here.   http://bit.ly/gau-faq
In service,
Will Carlton
Cross Timbers Rotary Club
Global Projects - District 5790
e: wacarlton@gmail.com
cell:  +1 972-965-5565
Tentative Community Service e-Club Implementation Schedule
Initial Planning Meetings - Dec. 2018
e-Club Interest Survey - Dec 2018 - Jan 2019
Formation Meetings with prospective Charter Members - Jan 2019 - March 2019
Identify 35 to 45 Charter members - March - April 2019
Submit Community Service e-Club Application to RI - April 2019
Charter Ceremony for Community Service e-Club - June 2019