Rotary District 5790 District Grants 

    After Reviewing Road Map and related Links,   

    be sure to click and complete the following Survey:  

             Rotary5790 Online Survey for District Grant Certification

                        (for Rotary Year 2021-22 (                      


APPLICATION ROAD MAP (see referenced files on left) 

  1. Read Current: 
    • District Grant Highlights (note deadlines!) 
  2. Attend: Grant management Training  (PE+1 required) 
    • Option 1:     April 2021 Zoom Assembly
    • Option 2:     Self paced using this Road Map and related Process Video and documents.
      • View 2021-22 District Grant Process Video 
      • Complete District Grant Certification Survey prior to Sept 1, 2021 deadline.
  3. Enter your proposal for district-level approval. 
  4. Acknowledge proposal email w/ code provided.  
  5. Complete MOU Certification Package
    • Download and get signatures for all sections.
    • Upload pdf signed copies to project record at
  6. Upload of club's current 990  to project record. 
  7. Upload a report of 25 of 25 goals recorded in Rotary Club Central.
  1. Notify District Grant Chair Dan Steele of your project schedule and when you are ready to receive the matching funds.  
  2. Collect and save copies of required documentation:
    • Receipts, bank statements, etc.
  3. Review the Checklist of Required materials to be submitted.
  4. Complete & Submit the Final Report Document
    • Upload all required documents to your project record
  5. ​​​​​​Final Report Due within 30 Days of project completion and no later than May 30th.
    • Late reporting will affect future eligibility for Grants.  
For additional information contact Rotary District 5790: 
  •    2019-21 District Grants Chair:     Dan Steele     940-328-5903
  •    DRFC       J. Paul Lucas   817-350-4801