Southlake RC Rotary Builder, Brandon Fincher shown here with DG Mary Ann McDuff
Brandon is a relatively new member of the Rotary Club of Southlake but has really showed initiative and interest in Rotary.  He is our President elect and is our Membership committee chair as well as serving on the Community Service committee.  He also served as our Sergeant of Arms last year as a brand new member.  

Brandon has been married to Jennie for 16 years and has two daughters Lane (8) and Quinn (5).  He is a Mortgage Banker/Broker with CNN Mortgage, a privately owned mortgage company and has been in the business for 13 years. Brandon joined Rotary to find an outlet to serve in different capacities with a broader reaching scope than other local organizations he’s part of.  He wants to teach his kids that serving is important and that we should serve in many different ways.  His goal in Rotary is to grow our membership so we can have more hands to help in the community.  His hobbies are whatever his kids are doing, yard work, and woodworking.