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Welcome to the Rotary District 5790 Website. One of the purposes of this website is to be a resource for the Rotary club members in Rotary District 5790. Here, members will be able to learn about our training programs and all the district committees assembled to support the efforts of our 71 vibrant Clubs. Members can register for the various district training seminars, fundraisers and celebrations.
2018 District 5790 All Clubs Celebration
People of Action Video's
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March is Water and Sanitation Month
District Stories
About the Rotary International District 5790 Honoring Those Who Serve Vocational Initiative.
Rotary Clubs throughout District 5790 are recognizing the vocations of our Communities first responders and teachers on a quarterly basis. According to District 5790 Vocational Award Recognition. Chair Eddie Salame, during each quarter of the 2017/18 Rotary year district clubs will recognize a police officer, firefighter, paramedic and a teacher. Depending on club, recognition will be done in the same month of the quarter or they can be spread out throughout the quarter. In other words, clubs can recognize a teacher the first month of the quarter, a firefighter/paramedic the second month and a police officer on the third month. Or clubs may also recognize all three professionals in the same month.
Dear District 5790 Rotarians:
I am honored and pleased to share with you that the 2018-2019 District Governor Nominating Committee met on Sunday, February 25, 2018. The Nominating Committee, composed of myself as Chair, and the five immediate Past District Governors, interviewed applicants for 2020-2021 District Governor.  I am privileged to announce that longtime Rotarian and member of the Rotary Club of Fort Worth International, Past Assistant Governor Roger Paschal, was chosen to serve in this esteemed role for 2020-2021. 
Past RI Director G. Ken Morgan to speak at May 18 All Clubs Luncheon
A native of Virginia, Ken has lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 1982. His first contact with Rotary was in 1978, when he was sponsored by the Rotary Club of West Richmond as GSE Team Member from D7600 in Virginia to D1440 in Denmark. He served a two-year term on the RI Board of Directors from July 2004 to June 2006. In 2009-10 Ken served as Aide to Trustee Chair Glenn Estess, as Vice Chairman of the Rotary Centers Committee, and Chairman of the Alumni Advisory Committee, and Vice Chair of the 2010 Montreal Convention Committee
Plan to Attend this Screening
UNT campus - UNT building GAB room 104
on March 29, 2018  from 6-8:30pm
UNT Rotaract is hosting a screening of the movie "Spirits' Homecoming" which is a Korean drama that uncovers the horrors of the use of Comfort Women by the Japanese Imperial Army in WWII. Comfort women were young girls from all over eastern Asia that were taken from their homes and forced into sex slavery for the Japanese military. 
May 18-19, 2018
2018 District 5790 All Clubs Celebration
DFW Hyatt Regency
Terminal C DFW Airport
We are looking to have all 71 Rotary Clubs represented at the District 5790 All Clubs Celebration and we are asking that each Club put up a table highlighting what they have done this year and the projects, fund raisers, grants and support that they have done this year.  This is a time to share ideas and inspiration between fellow Rotarians. To reserve your clubs table please contact Gale Varvus (Gale.Vavrus@psstitle.com)
Of the things we Think, Say, or Do
As Rotarians, we should look forward to the upcoming 4-Way Test Speech Contest and how that applies to all we do as Rotarians.
First, it is the truth? 
YES!  The 2018 Speech Contest is rapidly approaching!  By now each club should have:
  • Contacted the schools  for participation and forwarded literature to the school representative
  • Scheduled the Contest for February
  • Submitted Participation form to the District Coordinator.
Our 71 Rotary Club presidents and their leadership are Making a Difference. Every one of our clubs are filled with People of Action.
During this years District Conference, District Governor Chris McLucas and the conference committee will be recognizing the outstanding achievements of several of our clubs in 8 separate categories; Membership, Public Image, Foundation, Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service and Youth Service.
During the first 7 months of the year, we are seeing excellent results in club membership by several clubs in the district.
If you are struggling in your club, please develop a solid plan with goals and timelines. Ask all members for help! Contact a growing club to find out what they are doing that is contributing to their success. Update your plan with the new ideas you discovered. Encourage your fellow Rotary members to make membership recruitment and retention a priority among every member of your club.
As a new year begins and the next Rotary year approaches in July, club leaders will want to consider getting involved with strategic planning. Available to clubs is technical planning support and a “Visioning Process” for the entire club membership. In addition, new tools are available from Rotary for assessing club culture and analyzing club health.
For more information, contact PDG Gene Davenport,
D 5790 Visioning Coordinator, gd2005dg@aol.com
Are you an End Polio Crusader?
That is do you communicate Rotary's End Polio message and create awareness among fellow Rotary members and the community at large about Rotary's End Polio initiative and the importance if donating to End Polio Now? If so, you are a polio crusader.
Now meet a really bold End Polio Crusader, Jenna Buscemi (Rotary Club of Houston Energy Corridor, TX) and District 5890 DG Bill Palko (Rotary Club of Northshore, TX) who have died their hair (Jenna) and mustache (Bill) purple to raise awareness for Global Polio Eradication.  Jenna was featured in the March 2018 Rotarian magazine where she said she is used to the strange glances, and said "I'll say to them, I bet you're wondering about my hair, and then I'll give them my elevator speech about Rotary and the current facts about Polio.
How about a purple goatee? What do you think DG Chris McLucas?
       The beauty of being a Rotary member is that members can apply their volunteer efforts in those areas where they have to most interest. 
Rotary is dedicated to six areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever. One of those six areas is Fighting Disease. Beyond ending polio, many members in our district also have a passion for research to find a cure for Alzheimer's and Dementia. For that reason, fellow Rotary member Theresa Hocker, Executive Director of the Alzheimer's Association, North Central Texas Chapter is sharing this information on an Alzheimer's Symposium in Arlington. Theresa is a member of the Fort Worth South Rotary Club. Theresa is available to speak at Rotary Clubs in our district (e-mail)
We are a People of Action.
Generally speaking, Rotary club members do a great job of making non-Rotarian guests feel welcome when they attend our meetings. But, what happens when those guests leave? Do you record the guests name and contact information? If you do, does someone follow-up with that guest? What is your clubs procedure?
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Foundation Corner
District 5790 Wall of Fame                
We are indebted to those Rotary members in our district that have given so generously of their time, talent and treasure.
News from District 5790 Rotary Clubs
Rotary District 5790 and 6 of it's Rotary clubs were awarded the 2016-2017 Presidents Citation by last years Rotary International President John Germ.
The Presidential Citation is the road map for Clubs for any given Rotary year.  The Rotary International President and his/her theme and goals frame the Citation for the year. For the 2016-17 Rotary year, our District 5790 and six of its exemplary Clubs and Rotarians have followed closely this road map.
In December, Past District Governor Mary Ann McDuff announced that the following clubs received the Presidential Citation for her Rotary Serves Humanity year as District Governor (2016-2017); Abilene RC, Arlington Great Southwest RC, Flower Mound Rotary Club, Fort Worth Rotary Club, Hurst-Euless-Bedford Rotary Club, Lewisville Morning Rotary Club and the Rotaract Club of UTA.
Is there a Citation in your clubs future this "Rotary, Making a Difference Year (2017-2018)?
Rotary club leaders and members interested in achieving this milestone will start by setting goals for your club in Rotary Club Central. Club leaders are asked to set goals for membership and engagement, TRF giving, service, young leaders & public image.


The Rotary Club of Arlington is only five years away from turning 100, but it’s not your grandfather’s club. It doesn’t fit the old stereotype of a bunch of elderly, suit-and-tie white guys who mainly meet for lunch once a week.
No, it’s not your grandfather’s club … except when it actually is.
Rotary International has provided districts and clubs some great graphics to use on the social media pages, websites and print media. These wonderful graphics provide excellent visual representation of the People of Action campaign RI is encouraging clubs to use to promote membership development and foundation giving.
Some of the articles in this Squeaky Wheel include People of Action graphics.
To download graphics click here.
It seems that Rotary District 5790 Rotary members simply can not stay out of the Rotary Magazine. Check out the December, 2017 edition. There is a great article about the Great Western Trail and Rotary member efforts preserve a bit of history. Rotarians from 3 countries led this effort to bring the overgrown trail back to life and install trail markers commemorating this wonderful bit of history. Fort Worth Rotary member Sylvia Mahoney along with several others on our district helped launch this effort which eventually led to hundreds of Rotary members from Mexico to Canada embracing the project.
Of course, if you have read the printed edition that came in the mail this week, you will also have seen  letters to the editor section of the magazine the photo of a Cross Timbers Rotary Club board meeting and a cryptic suggestion there may be a future RI president in that crowd.  Hmm...we can all say I knew them when.
The 2017-2018 District Governor's Information Corner
The District Governor is also assisting clubs throughout the district with their membership efforts by sending persannally signed letters to guests who attend Rotary Club meetings. To arrange for letters to be sent to your clubs meeting guests, send an e-mail with all the guest contact information including mailing address and e-mail address to  Gale.Vavrus@psstitle.com and to DistirctGovernor1718@yahoo.com 
March 2018

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Liberian nurse fights for peace

A nurse fights for peaceIn a nation once wracked by civil war, Liberian Rotarian Elizabeth Sele Mulbah has spent much of her life leading efforts for peace and reconciliation.A past president (2011-12) of the Rotary Club of Sinkor, Mulbah has a remarkable


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Meet District Governor Chris McLucas
Christopher J McLucas and wife Heather
The theme for 2017-2018 is the most simplistic theme in years to tell the world exactly what we as Rotarians in our clubs in concert with the Rotary International organization do in the world.
Last February, while at PETs each club president was provided with several changes to the manner and method by which Rotary Clubs can operate to work to increase and retain Membership. These times are exciting for Rotary members as each clubs leadership will be redesigning their clubs operating policies in order to improve the membership experience in their club while executing the same Service Above Self community service projects each club has become known to deliver. The key here is flexibility. Clubs will be designing club experiences that meet their community and member culture.
Improvements will also occur in the Rotaract, Interact and EarlyAct experience with these Rotarians of the future taking an active roll in each Rotary clubs experience.
From Heathers perspective, “the Earlyact program in Rotary a fantastic program and has the potential of spreading the word about Rotary to people that may never have known about Rotary”. Heather plans to work with clubs throughout the district to establish Earlyact Clubs in District 5790 during the 2017-2018 year.
Both of us look forward to a wonderful year.
Are you a visitor that is not a member of Rotary? A secondary purpose for this website is to provide information about Rotary International, the values of Rotary membership and the many ways Rotary members serve in their their communities and around the world. 
Rotary is the world's oldest service club organization and Rotary club members are committed to service in their communities and internationally through various programs including those supporting supporting our vocations and our youth.  Please explore this website to find out more about us and what we do.  If you are considering joining one of the Rotary clubs in North Central Texas, we would encourage you attend one the club meetings in your community or the community where you work. Just click "Club Contacts" in the menu bar to find a club near you. By clicking the "i" next to the club presidents name, you can send an e-mail to the president who will be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions.