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The District 5790 Organization includes a Public Image Support Team. The Public Image team is comprised of talented Rotary members with outstanding experience in public image, marketing, communications and the technology needed for an outstanding club public image program . But, most importantly, this team is dedicated to supporting our districts 66 Rotary Clubs with information and support to assist their activities in such diverse activities as identifying speakers for club meetings, public relations, public image, marketing and the effective use of club websites and social media.

District 5790 Public Image Committee Members

2024-2025 Public Image Director
Kelly Murray

The Importance of Rotary Public Image and Public Relations

Your club and its club members are the face of Rotary in your community. Community members will most likely learn about Rotary through personal interaction with Rotary members, your clubs website, social media and the news media. Each plays an important role in promoting Rotary in the community you live.

Promoting Rotary to the general public can be as simple as wearing your Rotary pin or as elaborate as organizing an integrated marketing campaign. By increasing the public's understanding of Rotary, we're strengthening our ability to make an impact in communities around the world.

Whether you’re new to public relations, image management and marketing or a professional, Rotary needs your help. We encourage you to visit the Rotary Brand Center, where you will find a variety of media-ready materials that can be adapted to your needs.

How Do I Promote My Club And its Projects?

Including a public image relations and marketing component in your clubs annual and strategic plan. will help ensure your club’s projects and events get the attention and support they deserve. The following ideas can help you create a successful campaign.

Maintain Attractive and Up-To-Date Web and Social Media Sites

In today's media and data savvy world, one of the most important Club Service functions is Website, Social Media and Public Image Management. Depending on the size of your club, you may want to have a committee member responsible for each. In addition, every club event whether service project, fund raiser or fellowship social should include a marketing component. Today, information is just a mouse-click away and Rotary committees need to take advantage of the opportunity to spread the good news of your Rotary Event.

  • Make sure your website is up-to-date
  • Utilize Rotary approved logo materials found on
  • The Current Rotary Gear should be displayed prominently on website home page
  • Always use the current presidential theme
  • Always include a link to both the Rotary International and District websites
  • Effective websites will prominently display your clubs meeting location and time
  • Effective Rotary websites will have a prominently visible "about" and  "contact us" link that will direct inquiries to a club member
  • Club websites should always include current stories with photos of service projects and events either on the homepage or via a link to a story site page. Club home page should include at least one club story not more than 30 days old.
  • Club home page should include a list of up-coming speakers and their topic
  • Club home pages should include a list of up-coming club events
  • Club home page should include a link to all of the clubs Social Media sites
  • Club home page should include a list of your clubs executives
  • If your club has a newsletter, include a request for newsletter subscription
  • Any links on the club website should be tested periodically to assure they are not broken
Make sure all Club Social Media sites are up to date:
  • Utilize Rotary approved logo materials found on
  • The Current Rotary Gear should be displayed prominently somewhere on the landing page
  • Use the current presidential theme either on the landing page or in the lead post
  • The sites "about" section should include a link to both the Rotary International and District websites
  • The sites "information" section should include your clubs meeting location and time
  • Club social media posts should always include current stories with photos of service projects and events 

Know Your Local Media

Before sending stories to a journalist, get to know your audience. Read your local newspaper, listen to the evening news, and follow Facebook and Twitter to identify where a Rotary story might fit. Consider inviting a local journalist to speak to your club about how to work with the media or invite them to join a service project so they can see firsthand how your club is improving your community. You could also:

Contact the media with newsworthy story ideas, being sure to:
  • Know your story and anticipate questions.
  • Send background materials immediately following contact.
  • Be persuasive, persistent, and friendly, but not aggressive.

Write a Press Release that Journalists Want to Read

Once you've developed a relationship with your local reporter, help them remember you through regular contact. Share news about your club projects, fundraising events, or the arrival of Youth Exchange students with a press release. You should:

  • Develop your “news hook,” a persuasive reason for the news media to pursue a story
  • Include the "five W's" in the opening paragraph of your press release: who, what, where, when, and why
  • Keep it concise; limit the press release to one page and paste into the body of your e-mail rather than sending it as an attachment
  • Decide who will respond to media inquiries and include their contact information
  • Include visuals when you send to TV stations

More Ideas for Promoting Rotary

There are many ways to promote Rotary. You can hold a special event, start a Facebook page, or place a billboard ad.

You could also:

  • Advertise on cable and public access TV
  • Create a public service announcement
  • Write op-eds and letters to the editor
  • Distribute club brochures, media kits, and fact sheets
  • Post on your club websites and social media outlets, including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more

What to do Next?

It is exciting to see your club mentioned in the newspaper or see Rotary featured on a billboard. Keep track of your public relations efforts by watching for Rotary-related news clippings in the papers you have contacted. Remember to send a thank you note to those who helped you along the way.

How Can I Promote Polio Eradication?

Illuminating buildings with our End Polio Now message can generate a lot of public and media attention, and, in turn, drive us even closer to eradicating polio forever. Many famous landmarks have already done it -- Sydney Opera House, London’s House of Parliament, even the Great Pyramid of Khafre. You can spread the message in your community by illuminating a local building or monument. To do this, follow these steps and submit a customized ask letter to building owners, using our sample ask letter as a template.

Once you receive approval, alert the media with a sample press release, post messages on your Facebook or Twitter pages, upload a video of the event to YouTube, and post photos to Rotary's Facebook and Flickr pages.

In addition to illuminating buildings to spread the word about our polio eradication efforts, you can:

How Do I Handle a Media Crisis?

Despite our best efforts, problems can arise that are sensitive in nature. Be honest and forthcoming if a reporter calls. Do not speculate. Try to shift the conversation to a more neutral or positive message. You can find more ideas for handling crisis communications in our Media Crisis Handbook.

For situations that need immediate attention, contact Rotary at +1-847-866-3237 or at

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