Denton-Lake Cities RC re-started their in-person meetings
last Tuesday. 91% of members attended both virtually and in-person
Read about the measures implemented to assure safety for all.
Club President Grady Ray leads a Rotary meeting in the new normal.
We conducted our first live meeting since the outbreak several weeks ago.  We also streamed it via Zoom for those members not comfortable in meeting in person at this time.
We had 22 members show up and 17 on Zoom.  That is 40 out of 44 members.  We had the President from the Denton Chamber of Commerce speak to us (in person).
We enacted a safety protocol, click here to download and we met at our same site as in the past.  The Oakmont Country Club served all meals in a plated form and the drinks were handed by the wait staff. 
Members were greeted at the door where their temp was taken and a mask was handed out if they did not have one.  Only once seated could they remove their mask.  They had to put the mask back on when the meeting was over and they were leaving.
We did not pass out name badges, we did not pass the hat (left it in one place for donations) and we did not have our card game; all to eliminate unnecessary cross touching by anyone.
We did offer sterilized pens to fill out paper name tags and then recleaned the pens once used.
I believe it was very much a success and many of us were just glad to see everyone again. I have 4 meeting left as president and we will continue to meet this month.  Once Brian Glenn takes over in July, he can make the call from there.
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President (for 4 more weeks)
Denton-Lake Cities Rotary