District 5790 was recognized for demonstrating the best Logo Usage in Zone 25 B during Rotary Year 2020-2021. Congratulations to District Governor Roger Paschal and the District 5790 Public Image team.
There is always a danger of being perceived as "logo police" when tasked with roll of district public image staff. In fact, that is exactly what will happen if public image committee members take the wrong approach to helping clubs understand the correct use of our Rotary logo.
Fortunately, in District 5790, we have performed an annual assessment of the web presence of the 73 clubs in the district. Through the annual assessment, we were able to determine where our clubs can most benefit from the support of the committee. The assessment identified "hands on" club member training opportunities that led the clubs public image committee to the great Brand Center tools in Rotary.org.
In addition, the district public image committee offered clubs support in preparing flyers. Often, well meaning Rotarians will go to their local printer to prepare graphics and have flyers printed. Given the size or our Rotary organization, it would not be unusual for them to have a logo on file. Unaware that the logo changed in 2013, the materials were often produced with wrong logo. With training, club members are able to identify the correct logo and assure their use.
When requested, committee members visited clubs to provide public image presentations. During the presentations, club members are better able to understand the appropriate use of Rotary's Brand.