DGN Roger Paschal, DGE Peter Scott, and I will be introducing a new Three Year GROW Program. This Program will require critical planning and involvement from your Club!!!
We are scheduling 5 Multi-Club/Multi-Area Luncheons in different geographic locations within the District.  The schedule for each meeting available is listed below.
We will be asking Clubs to cancel their meetings the week they plan to attend the Multi-Club Luncheon that fits their needs best (if possible).  If your Club is unable to change your meeting date or place, we will expect the Leadership, Membership and Public Image Teams from your Club to attend one of the Multi-Club Luncheons.
The Meetings will be Lead by DG Gerald.  We are asking members begin checking in at 11:30 AM to allow time for fellowship and getting lunch, so the actual program can begin at Noon.
A detailed program and meeting planning explanation will be available next week.
Here are the date/time/Location for our 5 GROW Presentations. To register, hover your pointer over the desired location and click your mouse to go directly to that locations registration page.