2019-2020 District 5790 Web Presence
evaluation and analysis of our 74 clubs 
Website and Social Media practices
In order to determine how our District 5790 Public Image Committee can best serve and support the needs of each of our 73 Chartered and 1 Provincial Rotary Clubs, we surveyed the practices of each club to determine the areas of greatest need.
Our websites and social media pages are like a homeowners front yard. If you have ever bought or sold a home, you understand the importance of an attractive front yard. When shoppers show up at the open house and the "front yard view" of the home is attractive and welcoming, they want to go inside to find out more. Otherwise, they just drive on to the next home. In today's digital world, the same logic holds true for websites and social media pages.
 When community members land on your clubs website, do they see an attractive, well organized page where they can find out about your club? Can visitors quickly determine when and where your club meets? Do they see who is speaking at upcoming meetings and what events your club is hosting? Can they tell quickly it is a local Rotary Club that is part of an international organization? Do the graphics they see show happy club members while they are serving the community? Are the graphics annotated in a way that indicates the community service provided by the club. Can visitors find out about your service projects and volunteer opportunities?
Using Rotary International's Quick Start Guide for Rotary Websites and Social Media Guide for Rotary Club publications, the committee created a survey tool with 26 criteria to evaluate. Using the results of this survey, the committee is formulating specific action steps that will help our Rotary Clubs improve their presence on the World Wide Web.
District Public Image committee members googled each club and created a report card for each using the 26 criteria from the Rotary Website and Social Media Guides. The evaluation results of were then "rolled-up" into a district report card that the committee will use to establish action plans to improve training and develop ways we can assist clubs to improve.  A downloadable summary presentation of the district report is available by clicking 2019-20 Web Presence Survey as of Jan 8, 2020.  Incoming presidents will be given a club report card for their club at President Elect Training the end of February. Club Public Image Committee members can request a copy of their clubs "report card" by contacting District 5790 Public Image chair John Pokorny.