Posted on Aug 02, 2018
Failing to Plan is a Planning to Fail - Ben Franklin
Many of the districts 70 clubs have been hard at work this past month, doing their strategic planning and recording this years club goals and objectives in Rotary Club Central. Without a doubt, the leadership of these clubs are members that come from businesses where planning and tracking of business goals is a daily fact of life.  So, quite naturally, if they are going to volunteer and invest their time, talent and treasure in community service through Rotary, those same business tracking principles should apply.
What is Rotary Club Central?
Rotary Club Central was created by Rotary to allow Rotary clubs worldwide track their goals in a centralized format. The tool allows clubs to track membership, member engagement, foundation giving, service project volunteer hours and fund raising, our youth programs and finally the public image efforts we do to share our contributions with our communities.
So, do you know your clubs goals for the year? Do you know how your club is progressing in achieving those goals? Any club member can easily find out this information by going to, logging into MyRotary and clicking "My Club Goals" at the bottom of the My Club Snapshot box on the left side of the My Rotary page
 Clubs that have entered their goals and updated their progress will have clearly define goals under each tab of the Rotary Club Central Goal Center page.
 Clubs whose leadership have yet to upload their clubs goals, will see a page that simply says No Goals Selected for this category. Members are encouraged to contact their club leadership to find out their clubs goals.
Other information about Rotary Club Central can be found at Rotary Club Central, Get Ready, Set, Goal.