The vaccination effort at Denton County's Texas Motor Speedway
were aided March 26th by 11 members from the Cross Timbers Rotary
Club in Flower Mound, Texas
To date members of the 13 Rotary clubs in Denton County have logged over 1500 hours volunteering at over 25 county health department clinics that have provided over 177,000 does as of March 22, 2021. With an estimated 30,000 does this week, the county will have administered over 200,000 vaccine shots.
The 11 member crew from the Cross Timbers RC Vaccination contingent. CTR hosts periodic
RAD days (Rotary Action Days) were members volunteer at a number of different locations.
On the March 26th RAD, this crew was one of a number of groups that volunteered.
The TMS Vaccination clinics are an amazingly well organized effort thanks to the Denton County Health Dept. Each clinic requires over 300 volunteers from throughout Denton County and Rotary is doing its part. Members serving in various rolls such as office support, greeters, paperwork volunteers, traffic control, monitoring area volunteers, drivers for community members that do not have a ride to public transportation. In addition to Rotary, members are coming from various parts of the county including its Medical Reserve Corps, Community Service organizations, churches etc.
To participate effectively in this huge task, each of the 13 clubs assigned a member to an End Covid in Denton County Sub-Committee that has strategized and organized the various tasks necessary for Rotary members to help the county health department bring the pandemic to an end. In addition to vaccinating as many of its 944,000 residents as possible, committee members are assessing ways to aid the underserved, ways to support those that suffered financially because of the pandemic and of course hosting blood drives to shore up the depleted blood reserves caused by the drop in donors from college campuses and high schools. Clubs are also encouraging its members and community members that have had Covid to donate Convalescent Plasma to aid those in hospitals currently suffering from Covid 19.
The End Covid in Denton County Sub-Committee also has a webpage that is updated at least weekly that provides ways folks can personally volunteer their time, talent and treasure to End Covid in Denton County. Visit the webpage by clicking here.
To quote Terry Kasen, of the Lewisville Morning Rotary who has served at two of the TMS Vaccination Clinics as one of the Monitoring Area Volunteers where after receiving their vaccinations, residents are asked to wait 30 minutes, "the look of relief in everyone's face while leaving the clinic is well worth the effort of everyone involved."