RC of Abilene SW meeting via Zoom
Meetings look differently these days
Missing the Beehive Restaurant
but fellowship goes continues
Just days before national and statewide emergencies were called, the Abilene Southwest Rotary Club Board of Directors chose to stop meeting face to face to protect its most vulnerable members.
President Stan Treanor set up a Zoom account, and meetings have been continuing online ever since. Programs have continued as planned. Board members are also making an intentional effort to reach out to and keep in contact with each club member, encourage them, and try to make isolation feel less isolating.
The annual Top 50 Plus Banquet, which honors the top graduates from Abilene's high schools, was canceled for the first time in 60 years. Other service projects, including a public park cleanup and packing food kits for under-resourced school children, have been suspended.