Help to Local Residents Impacted by the Corona Virus
Provided by The Rotary Club of Fort Worth East
In Conjunction with Iglesia San Miguel
Many have been impacted by the loss of jobs due to the Corona Virus.  Rtn. Sergio Diaz, a member of the Rotary Club of Fort Worth East, is the pastor of Iglesia San Miguel.  
He brought to the attention of his Rotary Club the plight of those living close to the Church.  Located in a more distressed neighborhood in Fort Worth, Iglesia San Miguel serves a population of food service workers who are probably the hardest hit by layoffs resulting from the Corona Virus.  Rtn. Sergio is committed to seeing that these people have at least one nutritious meal each week to supplement a limited diet.
The Church serves between about 250 meals once a week.  Rotarians donate funds for food while Church members cook the food, consisting of a meat, rice, beans, and a salad.  They bring the cooked food to the Church where volunteers place food in to-go containers and wrap each tightly with plastic wrap.  The boxes are labeled to show the food is provided by the Rotary Club of Fort Worth East and Iglesia San Miguel.  They are now ready to be picked up by those in need.
Sergio also invited members of the Fort Worth East Rotary Club to join him in this effort.  Those who are comfortable going to the Church on Friday will wear their own masks, but gloves will be provided by the Church. 
This will not be the first time Rotarians have helped prepare and serve food to residents in the Iglesia San Miguel neighborhood.  For more than two decades Rotarians and their families from the Fort Worth East Rotary Club have partnered with Iglesia San Miguel to prepare and actually serve Thanksgiving Dinner.  In 2019 we served 1200 people. 
It is a most gratifying to know that those of us who are so blessed can help those in need, especially in our own community.  Just doing what Rotary does best… Serving others.