Exciting News!  We have Winners from the 2nd Regional Four Way Test Speech which was held in Decatur today, April 2nd.  

The Decatur club hosted the contest and there were 6 contestants.  Participating clubs:  Arlington Sunrise, Grapevine, Denton Lake Cities, Denton Noon, Western Fort Worth, Wichita Falls North.

The proud winners are:
*First Place:  Michael Wong, Grapevine High School, sponsored by the Grapevine Rotary Club. Shown on far right.
*Second Place:  Joseph Luken McCollum, Home School, sponsored by Wichita Falls North. Shown 2nd from right.
Third Place:  Purvi Weerasinghe, Guyer High School, sponsored by Denton Noon
Fourth Place:  Ruthie Boydstun, All Saints' Episcopal School, sponsored by Western Fort Worth
*The top two winners will advance to the District Four Way Test Speech Contest in Fort Worth on May 14th.    
Once again, the speeches really were awesome, sorry you missed them!  
Thanks to the Decatur Club as well as the family and friends, Rotary Club members, and individual teachers who turned out to support the students.  And last but not least, thanks to all the judges.