Posted on Sep 16, 2019
Expand the reach of your clubs
Story or Upcoming Event
to the District 5790 Website and Newsletters
The District 5790 Public Image team would love to help our clubs share the events and PEOPLE of ACTION stories across North Central Texas. To Share a story, all clubs need to do is post the information on your own club website and send the link to Chuck Chambers or John Pokorny
When you post an event in your club website "event planner" make sure you mark the radio button "share event on District Calendar". Your event will automatically appear on district calendar.
These simple steps make your clubs events to 3000 additional people in our district who have the opportunity to share the information others.
Information must be sent to us at least two months prior to the date of the event and any graphics that are used in the story or event must use the correct Rotary logo and be compliant with Rotary International Brand standards.