Enhancing Rotary Value to our Members
Happy and engaged Rotary members are more likely to value their membership in Rotary.
Engage members will share their Rotary experience with others.
Members that love Rotary invite guests to meetings and events.
Why not enhance our members experience through some type of club member recognition program?
While members may say "Service Above Self is the reason for joining Rotary and recognition is unnecessary", being recognized by peers does enhance the member experience. Having a recognition program not only boosts the member being recognized it enhances the members that witness the recognition activity. Not only do we learn about the activities of that member that led to the recognition, seeing them recognized makes us happy because we value our friendship with them.
So, who should be recognized? Most clubs already recognize members at their end-of-year new club leadership induction event. While continuing the year end awards tradition is important, clubs may want to consider additional types of recognition throughout the year that recognizes members that achieve a certain level of "engagement".
What exactly is member engagement? In today's Rotary where we value diversity not only in gender, race and age, we also value diversity in the way members choose to participate and serve. Members choose to participate in certain club events and activities but not necessarily all the club events. Consider establishing a member recognition program that celebrates our members service diversity.
Clubs that choose to establish a monthly member recognition program to recognize engaged members should have a method of tracking member engagement. Since member engagement is more than just meeting attendance, we need to track event participation, committee meeting participation and volunteer time as well as recognize members that have devoted their time in leadership rolls for events and fund raisers. Engagement can also include member achievements for The Rotary Foundation.
Those clubs that are utilizing ClubRunner already have a tool for tracking membership participation (engagement). ClubRunner tracks meeting participation (both general meetings and committee), event participation, volunteer hours, committee assignments and TRF achievements. Clubs also have the ability to choose a other criteria they deem important such as recognizing those that bring guests to meetings and events. The ClubRunner Report tool is called "Member Activity Report". The report assigns participation points based on the events and activities the member does. Members can be recognized for achieving a certain point level. For example, if a member achieves 50 participation points they receive a colored ribbon to attach to their name badge. Different colors representing different levels of achievement.
It is up to each club to decide the recognition process. However, ClubRunner does have the tool to measure member involvement.
As with any Application Tool, the output is only as good as the input. Clubs need to be using the events modules and their associated sign-up links. Clubs need to use the Volunteer module to record when members volunteer for an event. Clubs need to update the information in the club administration and committee module with the members that serve and lead each club committee. In all probability, these records are being maintained manually in some fashion. Through administrative discipline on the part of club leadership, ClubRunner can manage the data much more effectively providing a tool to aid in the selection or members that should be recognized.
Sample Member Activity Report - Complete Report includes all member activities for time period chosen
Clubs that wish to learn more about the ClubRunner Participation Tool and the Member Activity report click here and a member of the District 5790 Technology team will contact you.