Welcome to the District 5790 Rotary Volunteers End Covid 
in Denton County web page.
This webpage is intended to be a clearing house for information about all the efforts Rotary is involved as we work to End Covid in Denton County.
Rotarians volunteering at Denton County Health Department Vaccination Hubs
Volunteers are needed for DCPH COVID 19 Vaccine Clinics being scheduled in Denton County. 
Most but not all of the upcoming clinics will be drive through clinics (patients stay in their cars the whole time) which means volunteers that volunteer for these clinics will be outside during these clinics.
The indoor clinics (clinics where the patients park and walk in) most volunteers are inside except for clipboard team. The inside clinics do not require traffic control as people are parking and walking inside. 
The jobs that are needed for most clinics that will be assigned prior to the clinic by the MRC Coordinator are as follows:
  • Traffic Control- These volunteers are assigned a position in which they help direct vehicles safely through the clinic.
  • iPad Check In- Using provided Denton County iPad’s they check in patients into the clinic
  • Clipboards- Hand out paperwork that is needed to be filled out by patient before receiving their shots
  • Scribes- Similar to iPad Check In this person works with the vaccination person to verify patient, track the patients shot location, etc..
  • Observation- In this section you help corral vehicles into the waiting area and observe patients for adverse reactions so that we can get them medical treatment if needed. 
DCPH COVID 19 Vaccine Clinics being scheduled in Denton County in October
Volunteers will be assigned based on need and prior experience as we only need a certain number per shift.
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
2 - 4 hr shifts
Thursday, October, 28, 2021
2 - 4 hr shifts
Friday, October, 29, 2021
2 shifts
The above dates are currently scheduled dates and locations.
As additional DCPH COVID 19 Vaccine Clinic locations are arranged and scheduled, we will update this list of volunteer opportunities.
Denton County Rotary members supporting Victims of Covid 19
by hosting Blood Drives and Convalescent Platelet Drives
at their nearby Carter BloodCare Facilities
Download Carter BloodCare club Sponsor Codes here.
Download Carter BloodCare Denton Area Centers and Blood Drives here.
Download latest Blood Drive Call to Action presentation here.
Rotary members have a long history for tackling projects others have thought to daunting. The End Polio Now is a prime example. Through our worldwide partners, thousands of volunteer manhours, millions in donations, grit and determination only two countries in the world are now considered endemic with the polio virus.
Our world is now in the grip of yet another disease which has become the Covid 19 Pandemic. Like the Rotarians before us, Rotary members in Rotary District 5790 are launching yet another disease elimination project right here in our own home county, Denton, Texas. The effort has two main thrusts:
  1. To do all we can to support those stricken with the disease and the resulting pandemic economic crises.
  2. To eradicate the disease through vaccination by encouraging the community to participate and provide volunteers.
Rotary, and our friends and family volunteer to help End Covid in Denton County
Members from the 15 Denton County Rotary clubs are volunteering however they can, to contribute to ending the disease. Some are sponsoring Convalescent Platelets Drives for those stricken with the disease. Some are helping increase depleted blood and platelet supplies through blood drives. Some are donating to local agencies supporting community members directly impacted by the pandemics economic downturn. Others are focusing on volunteering to help the Denton County Health Department orchestrate their Vaccination Hubs designed to vaccinate thousands of residents a day with drive thru vaccinations.