Global Grants: 
Rotary's motto is Service Above Self.  This motto is designed to make our world a better place.  We should strive to as big an impact as we can with our Rotary Projects.
Rotary Foundation Global Grants allow us to do just that.  As you will read, all Global Grants Projects must be a minimum of $30,000.00 (The TRF match portion must be at least $15,000) .  In this era of Rotary is providing service to the world with grants that will  help make the world a better place.
Learn more about the process:
  1. Review:  A Guide to GLOBAL GRANTS
  2. Down load:  Club MOU Certification Package
  3. Enter your proposal:
  4. For Next Steps and Resources visit:
Considerations for project leaders:
  • Involves a long term commitment 
  • Requires regular international communication and coordination
  • On-time adherence to the comprehensive and complex management process
 Additional opportunity:
  • Get experience and involved in a project as a contributing sponsor  
 For Additional information Contact:  District 5790
  • Global Grants Chair: Scott Hendricks  <> (817)579-2637
  • Grants Chair: J. Paul Lucas <> (817) 350-4801