A Mission That Hits Close to Home.

One out of every three people will need a blood transfusion in his or her lifetime, which means there's a good chance someone you know and love will need to depend on the generosity of blood donors for survival.  Blood donation doesn't just affect other people; its impact hits close to home.  Just ask the Wade family. 


Kay and Jim Wade's teenage daughter Kaitlyn has encountered two life-threatening events in her short lifetime.  During both events, blood made the difference.  At the age of three, Kaitlyn was diagnosed with leukemia, but with the support of family, friends, a great medical team and available blood and platelets, Kaitlyn survived what most people would describe as a parent's worst nightmare. 


Seven years later, tragedy struck again when the car Kaitlyn was in was hit by a drunk driver.  She was careflighted to Cook Children's MedicalCenter where doctors gave a grim prognosis.  Katilyn had suffered a severe brain injury and multiple fractures.  The first 24 hours alone she required 12 blood transfusions.  Once again, Kaitlyn survived, and although the road to recovery has been long, the Wades are continuously grateful to the many blood donors who played such a significant role in their daughter's life.


Rotary Makes a Difference.

Since 1996, Rotarians have contributed to the lifesaving mission of blood donation through its Governors' Challenge blood drives.  District 5790 has participated in this state-wide effort since its inception, and as of this year, has collected a total of 60,000 units of lifesaving blood for North Texas communities.


Considering that every unit of blood saves up to three lives, it's accurate to say that Rotarians have impacted at least 180,000 lives.  For each of these lives, the impact is huge.  Just ask the Wade family.  Please help Rotary continue making a difference.  Give blood.  Often.