District 5790 Youth Exchange, 2016-17 Youth Exchange Program

Where do I start:  When do you want to go?
Start planning early. The Rotary Youth Exchange program is highly selective and not everyone is qualified to go. For the Long Term exchange the full process can take between 9 and 12 months.  It takes almost the same amount of time to prepare for the Short Term exchange so early preparation is essential. Most exchanges go from August to July of the following year, for exchanges to the Southern Hemisphere the exchanges typically go from February to January of the following year.  Most sponsoring and hosting Rotary Clubs have an extensive selection and orientation process which helps identify the best candidates and prepare them for their time as Youth Exchange Students. Also by planning early you can line up your current class schedule to cover subjects you might not get in a foreign school such as US History, English, US Government etc.

Who do I contact about going?

Youth Exchange programs are administered by local Rotary Clubs and supported by a District Youth Exchange Committee. Chances are that the local Rotary Club near you is already involved in the Youth Exchange Program. There are over 65 Rotary Clubs in District 5790. It is possible to identify your local Rotary Club by using the Club Locator link below, or by doing a Google or Bing search, using your city name and Rotary. If can’t find a local club near you at the bottom of this page there is an e-mail address for the District Youth Exchange Chair that will help you locate a Rotary Club near you.
Why do I need a find a Local Rotary Club? All Rotary Youth Exchange students must have a local Rotary Club sponsor them during their exchange.

Next Step:

Once you have contacted your local Rotary Club or the District Youth Exchange Officer you will need to complete an application. If that application is accepted by your local Rotary club, you will be asked to go to a series of interviews and complete a more comprehensive application. Follow the link on this site for Application Materials
We are excited that you are interested in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program and look forward to helping you move forward with your adventure.
For more information contact the District Rotary Youth Exchange Officer, Norm King at YEO_5790@yahoo.com or 817-781-3327
Date: August 27, 2015