How is your club Progressing toward it's 2018-2019 Goals?
Rotary International President Barry Rassin has asked each of our 36,678 worldwide Rotary Clubs to report and periodically update their 2018-2019 goals in Rotary Club Central. Forty-six of our District 5790 Rotary Clubs have posted their 2018-2018 goals in Rotary Club Central. Our 2018-2019 Rotary year is almost half over. How is your club doing? How many service projects has your club completed thus far? How many volunteer hours have been devoted to your communities? These are all questions easily answered by completing the service activities portion of your clubs Rotary Club Central report for each of the projects you have done thus far. Unsure how to go about updating your goals? Contact your Training/Technology Area Training Officer for guidance.
If your club has not yet posted their goals in Rotary Club Central, it is not to late to do so. And, you can update your year-to-date progress as you do so.
We recommend that clubs update their goals at least quarterly. Chances are, waiting until the end of the year will result in missing or inaccurate information. Remember, Barry Rassin's goal in asking us to report our goals and progress is to demonstrate the impact of Rotary in our communities and world-wide. We look forward to seeing some amazing information coming from District 5790 Rotary clubs.