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2015-2016 Membership Train the Trainer Manual
Steve Cox, District 5790 Membership Chair

Mission Statement

District 5790 membership team will make a concerted effort to recruit new members and retain current ones. This ongoing process is essential to supporting our district.  Our clubs will be offered team membership training though District Training Seminars and other activities to help in this process.

District Chair - Steve Cox, District Membership Chair

District 5790 Three-Year Membership Plan CONTENTS (see full document in downloads - upper left):

A. The Club Membership Committee


B.  Member Responsibility in Recruitment Efforts

C.  Benefits of increasing membership

D.  Recruiting across Classifications

E.  Identifying Qualified Prospective Members

F.  Inviting More Women and Younger Professionals

G.  Suggestions for Approaching Prospective Members

H.  Starting the Conversation…Three Scenarios

I.  Overview of this proposed plan

Club “partners” visit candidates…Competitive Teams of 4 members


            Focus on “Third Week guest day”.. know program of interest for that day


            Each candidate given a Rotary Club packet during his/her visit


            Follow-up invitation to join letter quickly to approved candidates             


J.  The 5-Minute Membership Survey


K.  Membership Growth and Recruiting Thoughts


L.   Prospect and New Member Development Tools



M.  Use of Charts to Grow & Retain Members


N.  The Use of Publicity to Grow Clubs


O.  Starting New Clubs


P.  Wrapping It Up


Q.  Supplement:  Planning Items Not to Overlook


Three-Year (2014-2017) District Membership Plan


    This plan has been developed by your District Membership Chair for clubs in need of a membership plan.  Fully realizing no one plan meets all needs and there may be some information that may not have consensus, please do not hold the District Membership Team responsible for errors or content.  By no means is this plan the end-all solution to membership growth, but it hopefully will provide some clubs with new ideas on how members can work together, with the goal of improving member retention as well as the goal of developing new members….and having some fun along the way. 


The plan is intended as a guide for membership teams of small, medium, and large clubs who could use a long-term specific plan that has strategic goals and how-to tactics to meet those goals.  It uses tips and ideas presented by District Membership Chairs before me and I am especially indebted to Don Ferrell and to Hollis Lackey for sharing their friendship and the wisdom of their experience as District Membership Chairs.


A.  The Club Membership Committee and Your District Membership Team


The role of the club membership committees is to develop and implement an action plan for membership growth.  Your club’s ability to serve the community, support The Rotary Foundation, and develop leaders capable of serving Rotary at and beyond the club level is directly related to the size and strength of your club’s membership base.  It is good to start with a theme…perhaps “Bring a Guest…Make a Friend.”


This simple plan takes much less time to implement than it seems.  It is a multiple year plan so you don’t have to start over every year and is offered to those clubs who could use a fresh structured systems approach to growing your club.   It is a logical four step approach to; 1) invite prospects to your club, 2) demonstrate the fun and friendship of your club membership, 3) provide potential members an educational packet about Rotary and your club, and 4) send a formal letter of invitation to join your club to those approved.


Your club membership team should as a minimum  include your President-Elect, the past club President, the club Membership Chair, and for larger clubs, someone assigned for orientation, classification duties,  and reporting.  In addition, your District membership team is here to help you.  Although subject to additions, it currently is:


           Steve Cox                           


Needless to say, you should feel always free to ask you AG & DG for assistance when needed.


The following is a brief overview of this three-year plan:


1)     A candidate list is developed from club members and business directories


2)     Two “team members” visit the candidates…Teams should have at least 4 members.


3)     Focus invitation day on third week (or other specific week of each month)


4)     Documentation and contact information to membership chair during club meeting


5)     Consider an annual prize or drawing for each of the winning team members


6)     The club program on your focus “Visitor Day” needs to be good & announced in advance


7)     A “Rotary Moment” to tell the story of a club member needs to be part of your “Visitor Day”


8)     Give candidates a visitor packet with club and Rotary information before leaving the meeting


9)     A follow-up invitation-to-join letter from club president within two weeks (timing important)


10)  Public Relations chair will  get new member induction pictures in the newspaper


The 5-Minute New Member Survey


It is recommended you have a membership club assembly to present your membership plan.  During this time, club members need to write down the names of friends, neighbors, colleagues, and/or business acquaintances in the community who might be qualified prospective members, and don’t forget women who are leaders in the church or community or executives in a business.   This activity should generate a priority membership list that can serve as a starting point for each team in deciding who should be invited to club meetings.  Other candidates may be developed by canvassing businesses in the area or using the Chamber of Commerce listing.


During this survey time, have members write down the name of their preferred prospecting partner, with second and third choice for your team members.  The membership chair will select teams and team leaders…but it is important to keep member preferences in mind.   Building friendships will improve member retention.


Having only one meeting per month to focus on visitors keeps the plan exciting, and enthusiasm is the catalyst that creates action.  A goal of one well selected visitor per team every month is suggested. Your club effectiveness in converting guests to members may change this number.   To encourage members to bring guests who are potential members, it is recommended your club  pick up lunch costs for each qualified  and documented new member candidate…this would not include member guests unless that guest is a qualified candidate for club membership.  Keep your club secretary informed.


The Use of Publicity to Grow Clubs


We all know the importance of publicizing our club projects, new members, and community activities.  Nothing attracts potential members more than reading about Rotary in the newspaper.  Here is the good news.


HERE ARE THE ITEMS YOU WANT TO INCLUDE in your membership plan:

                        ·        GOAL

·        THEME










·        MENTOR




 See the downloads in the upper left hand corner of this site page.